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Apple Watch App

By admin 7 years ago
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HelloTel now supports Apple Watch users with an almost complete version of the app you find on the iPhone or iPad including our own glaces page.

Discover what’s happening in your hotel or nearby in a niche social environment. Unlock a hotel social network and make new friends, network with other business travelers or ask the community for reviews on local businesses.
Not currently traveling? Simply check-in to a location nearby and join the conversation.
Create a profile with one simple touch using Facebook or LinkedIn. Our app will automatically start scanning for local hotels and places to check-in near your device. Meet other vacationers, make new friends and engage with other business travelers.

Customize the HelloTel App experience through personalized social feeds. Receive Push notifications from other users who interact with your content. Comment, post pictures, and even private message other users from the convenience of your mobile device.


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