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Apple Watch App

29. July 2015.
HelloTel now supports Apple Watch users with an almost complete version of the app you find on the iPhone or iPad including our own glaces page. Discover what’s happening in your hotel or nearby in a niche social environment. Unlock a hotel social network and make new friends, network with other business travelers or ask the community for reviews on local businesses. Not currently traveling? Simply check-in to a location nearby and join the conversation. Create a profile with one simple touch using Facebook or LinkedIn. Our app will automatically start scanning for local hotels and places to check-in near your device. Meet other vacationers, make new friends and engage with other business travelers. Customize the HelloTel App experience through personalized social feeds. Receive Push notifications from other users who interact with your content. Comment, post pictures, and even private message other users from the convenience of your mobile device.

New update, better performances!

20. June 2015.
We have worked hard to offer a new version in line with feedback from our customers and the latest trends in our industry. Our solution is simple – easy to use, intuitive and powerful with awesome styling options and so much more… Responsive design with ability to customize each bracket. Active area: customizing borders, background, and even transparent elements (no need to provide a reserve for the active area – just a standard image). Fonts: can use thousands of Web fonts with one click. Statistics: improving statistics with new trackers. Customization: improved formatting options through integration of images, videos and texts per page Publication: separation of design and part of the administration party Design: multiple possibilities of styles and colors. There are thousands of possibilites…  


13. March 2015.
BELGRADE, March 3rd 2015 This year, at 43rd Belgrade Film Festival – FEST, tickets actually “came to movie life”. Thanks to the popular software platform “augmented reality” and the company New Look Entertainment, any Fest visitor with mobile phone or tablet could watch the trailers for blockbusters on the ticket, but could also take pictures with Marilyn Monroe. Hypo Alpe Adria Bank donated this “treat” for Fest visitors, and it could be “consumed” by anybody who have mobile, ticket and who downloads free app NLE AR. Same software platform was part of an earlier high profile cultural event – exhibition marking 70 anniversary of the liberation of the City of Belgrade, where the images – via mobile and tablet – “transformed” in the film tracks made in October 1944.      


21. February 2015.
BELGRADE, February 2nd 2015 The digital edition of the latest bestseller by Lljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic “Our Father”, published by New Look Entertainment, was presented at the Press Room of Belgrade’s Business Center 47. Habjanovic Djurovic is best selling Serbian female author in last decade, and her new book “Our Father,” which appeared in printed form in October 2014 for the Belgrade Book Fair, is already printed in 45,000 copies. The author of “Women’s genealogy”, who publishes her books in digital format since 2013, says that she, as a writer, thinks it is very important to reach out to as many readers. “Here, in Serbia, there is kind of resistance to e-books, the writers also do that. People complain that e-book is not the same as an classic book… But, where would we be today if people in Gutenberg’s time said that the book is not the same as parchment. Time goes and new technologies allow the book to come to you,” Ljiljana Habjanovic says. She is happy that her books, as soon as translated, can be read “in no time” in “China and Los Angeles and Australia”. Hajbanović Djurovic, as a good example of the benefits of e-books, recounted anecdotes from her summer vacation from a few years ago: when almost half of the guests in her hotel were reading books with a tablet, she actually brought five “classic” books. “Compare now 250 grams – one tablet – with five ‘heavy’ books. Not to mention that my library at home is crowded,” she added. Books by Habjanović Djurovic have been translated into 14 languages.    


12. November 2014.
BELGRADE, October 30 2014 New Look Entertainment Co used The School Day at the Belgrade Book Fair to present project for undisputed future of education – electronic books with multimedia content. Serbian Ministry of Education announced earlier that e-textbooks would become part of education system. Maja Bekcic-Petrovic, Media and PR Manager in New Look Entertainment, emphasized that e-textbooks are “world trend, without a doubt”. NLE decided to present idea of software platform, which would easily turn classic books into digital, but also enrich them with different interactive, multimedia content. “Interactive learning is more important than ever… today, children aged 3 to 5 years appear to have been born with a tablet or smartphone in hands.” Recent research in the US has shown that children who use interactive e-textbooks learn 30 to 80 percent faster than those who use classic textbooks. An experiment is still conducted in two remote villages in Africa where one company awarded 20 tablets to children without any instructions on how to use them: on the first day, the children who never even saw TV, managed to start their new gadgets, a week after they’ve already mastered applications, and six months later they actually succeed to hack software on their devices! “It’s all moving to tablets and mobile phones, so electronic, interactive textbooks are definitely the future. With enough imagination and cooperation with publishers, that kind of future is closer to young people in Serbia”, Maja Bekcic added.  


10. November 2014.
  BELGRADE, October 29th 2014 New Look Entertainment Co, which sells Serbian edition e-books on the world market since 2011, unveiled at the Book Fair in Belgrade enhanced application for android phones and tablet devices – e-Knjizara (e-Bookstore), which allows – for the first time – mobile users in Serbia to buy their favorite digital titles. E-Knjizara is a free catalog of up to 1,000 books and publications in Serbian, and mobile users can purchase them using Q-vouchers or credit cards. E-Knjizara currently offers 70 titles that can be downloaded free of charge, and it is a mostly classical works of Serbian literature.  


5. November 2014.
BELGRADE, October 17 2014 The exhibition, titled “The Liberation of Belgrade, thru film camera eye” was opened in the new building of the Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade. In addition to the classic photo settings – frames from movies about the liberation of Belgrade in October 1944, the exhibition includes a multimedia presentation, powered by ICT New Look Entertainment Co. and hot software platform – augmented reality. NLE AR, free for download on any app store, allows you to watch and download short video forms filmed in Belgrade 70 years ago – simply by pointing your mobile or tablet camera to photo frames on display in Yugoslav Film Archive. “These are recordings made by Soviet partisans and cameramen, as well as citizens who had cameras at the time. Shots made in October 1944 keep us from forgetting what happened in Belgrade, 70 years ago”, said Goran Vesic, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade. Original films are stored in the Yugoslav Film Archive, and most important moments were on display as photos on the exhibition. Using NLE AR, every visitor can store those important and valuable moments – turned once again in movie clips – on their mobiles and tablets. Director of the Yugoslav Film Archive Radoslav Zelenovic said that the exhibition is “new stage in the development of the Yugoslav Film Archive and presenting what we preserve”.    


28. July 2013.
BELGRADE, June 29th 2013 South Korean Samsung Electronics Co and Serbian New Look Entertainment presented joint project which is to became corner stone of mobile and tablet online shopping in Balkans: Samsung Corner! As of from July 2013, Samsung’s mobile and tablet users from Serbia can get movies, music, eBooks, magazines and comics – no matter where they are. Mobile application Samsung Corner offers more then 200 movie blockbusters, up to 800 different eBooks, 5,000 music hits and 20 local magazines. “Samsung is well known as a leader in electronics, but also concerning creativity and innovations. Samsung Corner is another step forward in applications market in Serbia and region”, said Sasa Marjanovic, head of Samsung’s corporative marketing in Serbia. Samsung Corner application is soon to be available on Samsung Smart TV’s, Marjanovic added. To get Samsung Corner content, one can use QVoucher, Money Booker, credit cards (Visa, Master, Maestro) or PSMS. “New Look Entertainment team is proud to present Samsung Corner app, not just because it’s so modern and well made, but because it’s available any time, wherever you are”, Ivan Kosutic, general manager in New Look Entertainment emphasizes. Kosutic says he’s also very proud on partnership with Samsung Electronics, world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones since 2011.